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Driveway installation in Addlestone KT15

If you are thinking about driveway installation in Addlestone KT15 then contact us today! We have a professional and experienced team of driveway fitters and driveway contractors who can talk to you all about your driveway.

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Driveway Material Types

By coming to our driveway installation company, you can be sure that we will work with you to make the exterior of your home look as you imagine and envision it to be. 

Here we will be discussing some considerations to think about when thinking about driveway installation in Addlestone KT15, what materials there are to choose from and why you should decide to come to our driveway installation company specifically.


If you are considering having driveway contractors install a new driveway, there are a few aspects to think about that will impact your decisions. As a professional driveway installation company, we can help you, however there are things to think about before the work can be done. 

Firstly, assessing your current driveway and thinking about why you want it replaced or changed will help you to decide what you want from your new driveway. There may be a problem with the look of it, the size, or the material. All of these problems are something that a driveway installation company such as us can help you with. 

You also want to think about the image of the final product that you have in your mind. This is so that you can talk to our driveway contractors to ensure that the driveway fitters know exactly what you want. By calling our driveway installation company for your driveway installation in Addlestone KT15, you can have the exact driveway you have always wanted. 

You may not have thought about this before, but when thinking about installing a new driveway, drainage is an important factor that needs to be considered. Our driveway fitters and driveway contractors will know how to create the best drainage system for your driveway so it is a good idea to talk to our professionals about the drainage in your area so they know what they are working with.

Driveway Material Types

There are different materials that you can choose when thinking about driveway installation in Addlestone KT15  If you have a good idea of what you are looking for then that is great! If not, you can get in contact with us today and our driveway contractors will be more than happy to discuss the best material for your driveway. 

Different materials fulfil different needs and wants. For a colourful and aesthetically pleasing driveway then gravel would be a good choice, but or for a neat and tidy driveway then concrete would be better. 

Concrete tends to be the most cost-effective material for driveways and is simple for driveway fitters to install. Compared to other materials, concrete driveways do not take much prep and can last up to 30 years when well maintained. 

If you want to discuss your driveway installation in Addlestone KT15 and are considering concrete, then you can contact us today to talk about your needs.

Asphalt driveways look similar to concrete; however, it tends to be the cheaper option. As it is cheaper, it requires more maintenance but can be used right away. If you are on a tighter budget, then asphalt may be a good option for your driveway. 

Due to the cost effectiveness of asphalt, this material tends to be used for larger surface areas as concrete would cost more money. 

Another material for driveways is gravel. Gravel driveways are made from a mix of small rocks, sand, and clay to create a compact surface. Similarly, to concrete driveways, when gravel is well maintained, they can last for many years. 

Before laying the gravel, driveway fitters will need to lay gravel mats to secure the stones and keep them all in place. They will also apply a weed solution to make sure that the weeds will not end up growing through the stones which will be difficult to remove. Another minor disadvantage is that the stones and gravel can end up in places where they should not be such as the lawn, car, street, and the house. 

Even with the prep beforehand, our driveway installation company have driveway fitters with the knowledge and expertise to lay the gravel to the best standard. 

Brick paver driveways are stones that slot together to form a pattern on the driveway. They are a more expensive option and take longer to lay to form the pattern. Even with the time taken to lay, the driveway can be used quickly compared to concrete, for example. 

If you have a larger budget and a vision of a driveway in different colours, then our driveway contractors will be able to help you to create the perfect driveway with brick pavers. 

For more information about driveway installation in Addlestone KT15, including what material would be best for your driveway then get in contact with us today!


What are the advantages of having a new driveway?

A new driveway adds kerbs appeal to your property, therefore increasing the value of the home. By having a driveway installation company lay a new driveway for you means that you can be assured that the job will be done to a high standard and will look great too.

Will there be any disruption to me?

Because our driveway fitters and driveway contractors are professional and experienced, they will make sure that you are left as undisturbed as possible. we work quickly and efficiently to get the job done without disturbing your day-to-day life. 

Do you offer free quotes?

We will ask you a few questions about what you want out of your driveway, including how you want it to look, the material you want to be used and the size of the driveway. Based on this we will come up with a fair and free quote for you!

What areas do you cover?

We work across different suburbs and towns in London and Surrey, including your driveway installation in Addlestone KT15. If you are unsure whether that includes your area, please get in touch today! Our team are more than happy to discuss this with you.

Who will be installing my driveway?

We have a team of professional driveway fitters and driveway contractors who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to get the project completed. We have an all work guarantee so you can be sure that the job will be done just as you imagined.

If you would like to learn more about driveway installation in Addlestone KT15 or have any questions regarding your own driveway then please get in touch today! We are more than happy to discuss your driveway needs.

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