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Garden Ideas That Are Low Maintenance

Do you find it hard to keep on top of your garden and find you’re always having to maintain it? If this is something you find yourself doing and don’t enjoy, then why not try out some low maintenance garden ideas. These ideas will save you time and money!

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In this article, we’re going to discuss different low maintenance ideas, have a look at the positives and negatives they have and then compare the ideas. To learn more about garden ideas that are low maintenance, whilst keeping the area looking nice, please see the headings in this article below. 


Garden Ideas That Are Low Maintenance 

Gardens can be quite hard to keep on top of to maintain them and keep them looking nice. Most people like to have a nice garden area that can be used in the warmer months of the year but find it hard to keep it maintained without spending lots of time on it. If you find that you end up spending lots of time and money each year to maintain your garden space, then take a look below at some of our low maintenance garden ideas.

When it comes to the grass in your garden, you can have the choice of having turf or artificial grass. Whilst turf can look more natural and give you the proper grass and garden feeling, artificial grass is a lot lower maintenance as it never grows! You won’t need to ever cut it or remove weeds as these don’t grow so all you need to do is give it a clean every so often to keep it looking fresh and you’re good to go. This is the perfect, low maintenance solution for those that want to spend less time looking after the grass.

Along with having a grass area, another idea is that you could use decking or paving slabs in your garden space. Once these have been fitted, they require very little maintenance each year so they’re a great option for those that don’t want to spend much time looking after their garden. With decking, this will usually need treating so it can last in all weathers but this isn’t a regular thing. With both of these options, all you will really need to do is keep them clean so they look nice and fresh, again, these are perfect for a low maintenance garden. 

Similar to the artificial grass, you can also buy artificial plants and flowers that require no maintenance. These give you the same feeling like real plants and flowers would and look the same, but they require no watering at all. All you have to do it put them in the garden and you’re good to go. One thing to make sure when looking at things like this is to make sure they are suitable for outdoor use. 

Have a look at what’s in your garden and what takes up a lot of time to look after and maintain. Some things such as furniture, plant pots, trees, bushes etc. may require a lot of time and effort each year in maintaining them. It’s good to have a think about if you need all of this, or if it can be swapped out for something easier to maintain? Perhaps you could consider buying outdoor furniture that is suitable in all weather conditions as this can help you save time looking after it to prevent paint peeling or rusting. It may be that you cut down on the number of plant pots and plants in your garden and instead go for an artificial plant or some decorative to replace it. There are so many options out there on ways you can have a low maintenance garden, that still has the same look and feel of any other garden.

Low maintenance plants are another great idea to add to your garden. Unlike artificial plants, these are real and therefore don’t have a fake look about them. They require little maintenance and looking after so they’re a great extra to add into your garden.

These are just a few ideas to help keep your garden lower maintenance, but at the same time, keeping the garden feel. It’s always good to do some research into artificial plants, grass and flowers as these are a great way to help keep the maintenance down, but still have your garden looking nice.

Pros and Cons of Garden Ideas 

With these garden ideas, always comes positives and negatives to each one, so it’s always good to think about these before committing to it. We’re now going to have a look at each garden idea and what the pros and cons of them are, to give you an insight of what the best, low maintenance garden idea is for you.

Artificial Grass

Turf laying can consist of laying artificial grass which is an excellent way to keep the garden low maintenance, whilst still being able to have grass in the garden. Cutting the grass, removing weeds etc. can be a very time consuming and regular job and if you find it hard to keep on top of these chores, then it may be worth looking into the artificial grass option. There are many different artificial grass options, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your garden perfectly.

The positives to having artificial grass are that it’s such low maintenance, it never needs cutting or weeding, so there is nothing you need to do to it. As well as it being easy to maintain, it also still gives you the grass appearance so your garden will feel no different.

The cons of having artificial grass are that it can be expensive, depending on the amount you would need. As grass usually takes up a large area of the garden, it may be quite costly to do something like this, so always make sure you research beforehand and get a quote to see if it is something you’re willing to commit to. Along with it being costly, you can sometimes tell that it is fake grass and therefore, doesn’t feel like turf would. If you wanted to keep a natural look to your garden, then this may not be the best option for you.

So, as you can see there are pros and cons to artificial grass and it would be down to whether you’re after a natural appearance or a lower maintenance garden.

Decking and Paving Slabs

Decking is another good way to be able to use your garden, but with a lot less hassle of needing to constantly keep on top of it and finding a good decking fitter or a company to lay slabs isn’t going to be hard. It does still require some looking after, but not as much as the likes of turf would. 

The benefits of having decking include it being low maintenance to take care whilst it still gives you a garden area that you might use for entertainment or dining purposes. It’s a great way to use the space you have and if you’re not bothered about having any grass area, then this will be ideal for you. It can also help to create a different look for the garden as you are adding something into it which you can add some of your own character too. Another great thing about it is that it’s long-lasting and durable, so you will probably never need to replace it.

The downsides of decking are that it can be quite expensive to buy in the first place, especially depending on how much you want. This can set you back quite a bit, however, it does last a long time so it can be seen as an investment for the garden. Another thing is that it needs treating for it to remain maintained so it would require some care and attention to it.

So, decking is great for using up some space in the garden, especially if you’re not bothered about having a grass area and it can be seen as an investment that you will have long term, providing you do treat it and look after it.

Paving slabs are another thing that can be used for a lower maintenance garden. These are great for patio areas that you might have furniture on and are typically something you would have alongside grass or decking. 

The positives of having paving slabs in your garden are that they require no maintenance at all. Once they are laid, it’s all done and the only thing you may need to do is clean them yearly so keep them looking new and fresh. They are also great for creating a patio area where you might have outdoor seating or a dining area.

The negatives of paving slabs are that depending on the area you are covering and the type of slab you get, it can be quite expensive. However, once they’re laid, they probably won’t ever need changing. Another downfall is that they’re not great for an actual garden. If you were to replace grass with paving slabs, then you might find it makes it less of a garden and if you had young children, they may struggle to play on the hard surfaces. 

Although paving slabs aren’t something you would typically fill your garden with, they are a great, low maintenance idea to change the style of your garden and create some different zones within it.

Artificial Plants and Flowers

As previously spoken about, artificial plants and flowers are an excellent way to make your garden low maintenance, but still be able to have it nicely decorated and colourful.

The benefits of having artificial plants and flowers are that they require absolutely no maintenance, as long as they are suitable for outdoor use. This can drastically reduce the amount of time spent keeping on top of your garden, for it to look nice. There are lots of different options available for these so you should be able to find the right ones to suit your garden theme. Another good thing about them is that they still give you a garden image and some can also be a low price, although prices do vary.

The downside to artificial plants and flowers is that they can sometimes look quite fake when compared to real plants and flowers. You will need to decide what type of look you were going for and if you feel that artificial plants and flowers would suit your garden and that you would be happy with the appearance of it. Another thing is that they are not all suitable for outdoor use so you would need to do your research to ensure you find some suitable to be outdoors. With needing them to be suitable in outdoor climates, you may find yourself paying more money for them as well.

Artificial plants and flowers are a brilliant way to reduce maintenance in the garden and make it a lot easier to look after and keep on top of. Although they can have a fake appearance to them, it may be worth looking into them and finding some that have a more natural look to them, to still achieve the natural garden look. 

Outdoor Furniture and Decorations

Like most gardens, you will have outdoor furniture and decorations such as lighting and plant pots etc. around the area. These are great for adding something a little bit extra to the garden but they can take up some time maintaining them. 

You could look at buying things that can last in all-weather climates or even at a storage space for them to keep them safe, meaning they require less maintaining. However, this can cost more money to do and can take up extra space.

With this one, it’s more about your decision on if you would want to have furniture and decorations etc. around the garden or reduce the maintenance by minimalizing what’s in the garden.

Low Maintenance Plants

 Low maintenance plants are a great add on to your garden, to still give you real plants, but with no hassle. Always do some research when it comes to these or get advice from a florist as they will be able to advise you on the best low maintenance plants, suitable for your needs. 

The good thing with low maintenance plants is that they require very little looking after and are easy to maintain, so you don’t spend much time on them. They’re as good as they’re natural to still have in the garden and don’t give the fake appearance that artificial plants might do.

The only downside with these is that it is best to speak to a professional to get their advice on the best ones to fit your requirements and they can be quite expensive. However, this is something you would need to look into and gather quotes to determine the prices. 

These are just some positives and negatives to the garden ideas suggested to achieve low maintenance, it’s always a good idea to have a look at these and take them into account when deciding what to do with your garden space.

A Comparison of Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Now we’ve had a look into the pros and cons of low maintenance garden ideas, we’re now going to take a look at comparing these ideas, so you can gain a better understanding of which might be best suited for you and your garden. 

All of these ideas are quite different in their own ways, so it depends on what you’re wanting to achieve and how you want your garden to look as well. Some are little changes that can be made, whereas some are more of an investment financially as well as in time and commitment to make. 

In terms of the artificial grass, decking and paving slabs, these can be compared in a group together. Artificial grass is a great option for giving you the same garden feel, whilst it being very low maintenance. You will still get the appearance of having grass but without any hassle. With decking and paving slabs, this isn’t something that you would usually have in the whole garden and more something that you would have as a statement piece or used for a patio area. They are great for lower maintenance but not something you would typically fill your garden with. So, when comparing these together, the best option would be artificial grass and then an adding on paving slabs or decking elsewhere in the garden area.

Artificial plants, flowers, furniture and decorations can also be grouped to compare. Artificial plants and flowers are great to reduce maintenance, whilst still be able to have nice and colourful plants in your garden but they can have a more fake appearance to them. Furniture and decorations are something you would need to think about in terms of if they are something you would want or not. If you are wanting them then you would need to consider looking at ones that are durable in different weather or looking into a storage space for them. It’s best to consider what you’re wanting and the appearance of the garden you’re after to determine what the best option is to achieve a lower maintenance garden.

Each garden idea is different in their own way and each some with benefits and also negatives to them. When thinking of ways, you can have a lower maintenance garden, make sure to plan out the ideas you have for your garden and get quotes so you can determine if it’s affordable and worth the investment.


In this article, we have discussed all things to do with a low maintenance garden. From garden ideas to achieve this, having a look at their benefits and comparing the different options available.

There are many different garden ideas available to achieve a low maintenance garden and it depends on what you’re wanting in your garden and the theme of it. If you were wanting to keep to a natural-looking garden, then artificial grass and low maintenance grass may be the best option to achieve this and also achieve keeping it low maintenance. 

If you were after a more modern look and wasn’t so bothered about having a grass area, then decking and paving slabs may be the option for you. These are great for a low maintenance garden but not ideal for young children or families. These are also more of an investment so it would be worth looking into it and thinking about if it’s worth the investment.

We then spoke about the pros and cons to each of these garden ideas, taking a look at what makes them a good idea and the downsides to them as well. With all things, there are always pros and cons to them so it’s always worth looking into them and thinking about which is best suited for your needs. It’s important to always look into this before committing to something as there may be something you don’t like about the idea and put you off using it.

Finally, we compared each garden idea, which can be quite hard to do as each idea is unique in its own way. At the end of the day, it’s all down to what your needs and requirements are in wanting a low maintenance garden and deciding this before committing to anything. The best thing to do in these situations is to plan out your vision of what you want the garden to look like and then look into each idea from there. 

We hope that you found this article useful in providing you with garden ideas to create a lower maintenance garden and that you have gained some knowledge in how to keep your garden looking at its best, whilst keeping it low maintenance. 

Garden Ideas That Are Low Maintenance
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Garden Ideas That Are Low Maintenance
In this article, we’re going to discuss different low maintenance ideas, have a look at the positives and negatives they have and then compare the ideas.
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