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Creating a new green space is an exciting time, but it may seem like a long-winded approach to plant grass seeds and get them to grow. That’s where turfing comes in!

Turfing is a fantastic way of laying your lawn quickly. Grass requires a high level of care to ensure that it grows properly without patches. Despite this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve from soil, turfing can alleviate a lot of those problems and make laying the grass much easier.

Turfing comes in a roll, essentially a grass carpet ready to be laid in your garden. Turf is first grown as grass in a specific way to allow it to easily be taken from where it has grown with a small layer of soil underneath, helping to keep all of the roots intact. Once it’s laid, some typical looking after is required and the grass will then embed its roots into your soil. After a few weeks, the seams between the turfing will then start to merge into one fresh patch of grass. It’s a very easy process once it’s laid and can make your garden look just like new!

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Turfing isn’t easy to lay without the right tools and the right knowledge, however. With many different types of turfing available, knowing the right approach is important to a professional installation.

Different Types of Turfing

To help you make the right decision for your turf, we’ve included the common types below for you. Picking the right grass may seem like an odd decision to make, but it’s a crucial one to get the right grass for you. No matter whether you’re looking for artificial turf or real turf, as turf layers here to help you pick the right one.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a commonly used type of turfing for those who like the greenery, but not the maintenance. The turfing looks realistic and resembles natural grass without the need to maintain or cut the grass at any point.

The minimal maintenance is appealing for many, and means that the turf can be laid anywhere without worries of the maintenance of the grass. It also doesn’t always need the skills of a turf layer to get the job done, making it a popular choice! For example, indoor buildings use artificial turf as there’s no maintenance required.

Real Turf

For those who like the look and feel of real grass, this is a very popular option. The grass is grown to be easily removable, allowing the grass, the roots and a thin layer of mud underneath to be taken up and rolled up like a rug. This is then placed down and the roots are then allowed to set into the ground, and within a few weeks, you’ll have a full garden of grass.

This means that you’ll still have the full requirements to look after your grass and mow the lawn, but no artificial turf comes close to the real thing.

Hybrid Turf

A more expensive option, but a good one if you’re looking for real turf with minimal maintenance. Hybrid turf is real turf, but with some artificial blades embedded and hidden within. These blades aren’t typically visible but provide some extra support for the real grass to grow and helps to prevent any dark or dead patches of grass.

For this and real turf, it’s advised to use a professional turf layer to ensure your grass has no risks in its start to its new life.

Choosing the Right Turf For You

If you’re looking for some turf for your garden, you’ll need to make sure you’ve made the right decision. We know that it isn’t the easiest decision to make which is why we’ve created a couple of pointers to help you in the right direction.

If you’re a fan of a freshly cut garden, or you simply like the greenery, but don’t like the hassle of cutting the lawn every week, then artificial turf might be the choice for you. It looks very realistic compared to real grass and although you can notice a slight difference in the look and feel, you’ll have little trouble letting that put your mind down when you have no maintenance needs to keep it looking as it does.

If you like the natural look and feel of grass and take pride in a freshly cut lawn, then real grass may be the better option for you. It does come with the risk of problems such as dead patches of grass and all the typical maintenance needs, but for a lot of people, these provide an exciting new project to get their garden looking normal again.

If you’re a fan of a natural-looking garden and enjoy mowing the lawn, but you’re not keen on the risk of things going wrong and dead patches of grass appearing, then perhaps the hybrid approach is for you. You’ll get that freshly cut grass look with minimal risk to your lawn experiencing the troubles of nature.

If you’re not a fan of grass at all, or you’d prefer a space to be able to sit outside with guests without worrying how the grass looks, then perhaps turfing isn’t quite for you. Fortunately, we’re experts when it comes to landscaping and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your projects. Instead of turf, we can help with both decking and patios to fill that outdoor space for you.

With years of experience and plenty of completed jobs under our belts, we understand what goes into making a good-looking garden. We’re more than happy to talk with you about your project and share our professional opinion to help you make a fully informed decision.

Turf Laying

When it comes to laying turf, there are many things to take into account to ensure a job well done. It all starts with the type of turf that’s being laid.

Artificial Turf

This is nice and easy to lay. It simply requires space for the turf to lay, and then we’ll make sure that the ground is prepared ready for the turf to be laid down. Often this includes putting a piece of material down underneath the turf to prevent the growth of any weeds from piercing up into the turf, but once this is laid there is very little risk of this happening.

Real Turf

Real turf takes a little bit more planning than artificial turf, but once it’s laid it’s then well on its way to becoming a garden. We advise that it’s best to start with scouring the area of land with a rake to remove any rocks or hard materials from the ground. This helps to prevent any bumps in your garden once the turf is laid.

Once this is done and completed, we’ll simply lay the turf down in the allotted area to ensure that it fits within the boundaries of its new home. Once it’s laid it’ll need looking after with watering to help the roots stretch out from the thin layer of dirt they’re used to, eventually digging into the ground underneath. This process takes a few weeks to happen, however, once it does then your turf is now real grass in your garden. It’s that easy!

Hybrid Turf

Hybrid turf sounds complicated, but fortunately, it’s the same process as real turf. Because it’s primarily real turf with a few artificial blades of grass placed in, it follows the same process as real turf to help it to settle in.

Hiring a Turf Layer

Once you’re happy with the type of turfing you’d like on your lawn, it’s time to get the right people to help with the job. If you’ve laid turf before and you know the ins and outs of doing so then great! If not, however, you’ll need a professional turf layer. That’s where we come in!

With many years of experience in landscaping, we’ve helped many people get their garden looking like new. We know that for each garden there are different requirements for laying turf and there are many different environmental factors to consider to ensure the turf can grow into the ground as easily as possible. When working with us, we’ll make sure all of these things are taken into consideration before we get started.

With the experience we have as turf layers, we understand just what makes turf last and how to get the best opportunity for your turf to settle into its new home. We’ll be more than happy to share any expertise of ours with you to give you any tips and tricks to get the best out of your turf. We’re proud of every job we do and if we’re able to provide any information for you that’ll help you get the best results for years to come, it’s in our best interests to do so.

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If you’re planning on having some turfing in your garden, or you’d simply like to talk through with industry experts about turfing, we’d be more than happy to talk this over with you. Contact us today for further information!

Turfing is a fantastic way of laying your lawn quickly. Grass requires a high level of care to ensure that it grows properly without patches. Despite this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve from soil, turfing can alleviate a lot of those problems and make laying the grass much easier.

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Turfing is a fantastic way of laying your lawn quickly. Grass requires a high level of care to ensure that it grows properly without patches. Despite this isn't the easiest thing to achieve from soil, turfing can alleviate a lot of those problems and make laying the grass much easier.


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